At Gyoza Gyoza all Japanese tapas dishes are $6.8, all our dishes are carefully prepared by our chef with fresh local ingredients, as a Japanese restaurant, we import some of our ingredients from Japan to bring you the flavors of Japan.

Our menu are divided in 11 sections, Cold Vegetables dishes, cold seafood dishes, Sashimi, Salad, Hot Vegetables, Hot Seafood, Poultry, Pork, Beef & Lamb, Side dishes & Gyoza.
Our menu have a wide range of cold dish choices, it is great if you are looking for some refreshing small dishes.

Silk tofu is an ingredient that is very common in Japanese cuisine, most people might think it is plain and flavorless, but in our cold dish section there are 3 sauces to choose from and it adds flavor to the tofu.

Another popular item is Tori No Karaage, it is a Japanese style bite sized fried chicken, it is perfectly fried to golden and great to match with beer. It also come in 3 flavour, original salt & pepper, Sweet chili & mustard miso sauce.

Cold & Hot Otsumami /

Japanese Tapas ALL $6.80 each

More than 80 styles to choose from






Gyoza (Steamed/ Panfried/ or Soup (Miso, Spicy or Sho-yu)

Wagyu Beef & red onion
Chicken & Lemongrass
Miso eggplant & duck
Minced garlic & pork
Pork & cabbage
Spicy Kimchi pork
Chef’s Special
Mixed vegetables with chives *
Mixed vegetables with potato *
*Available for pan fried only

Cold Dish Vegetables

Hiyayakko: Chilled silk tofu with soya sauce topped with radish for Hiyayakko, ginger, spring oinion & Bonito
Edamame: Lightly boiled soy bean with sea salt
Karami Kyu-ri: Bitesize cucumber with spicy Miso sauce
Tsukemomo Moriawase: Pickled Vegetables
Seaweed Salad
Sesame Kyu-ri: Bitesize cucumber with sesame miso sauce
Kinko-an Tofu: Chilled silk tofu with mushroom thick sauce
Horenso no Gomaae: Lightly cooked spinach with sesame sauce & bonito flake

Cold Dish Seafood

Salmon Sashimi
Tako Wasabi: Wasabi octopus serve on green salad
Oyster with Ponzu Sauce: Coffin Bay oyster with Ponzu sauce
Oyster with Spicy Ponzu Sauce: Coffin Bay oyster with spicy Ponzu sauce
Tilapia Sashimi: Tilapia sashimi with Ponzu sauce
Salmon Yukki: Diced Salmon, avocado, cucumber, crispy wonton skin


Chicken & Noodle Salad: Poached shredded chicken, cucumber, flat vermicelli, sesame & chilli sauce
Spicy Chicken Salad: Poached chicken, thinly sliced cucumber, peanuts, wakame, special house chilli oil
Soft Shell Crab Salad: Tempura Soft Shell crab on bed of garden salad topped with Ebi mayo
Yukke: Julienned beef, quail egg yolk, sweet & spicy soya sauce on garden salad
Ika Salada: Salt & pepper calamari rings on a bed of garden salad
Salmon Tataki Salad: Sealed salmon slice, tabico on garden salad with Yuzu honey dressing.
Wafu Salad: Julienned carrot, raddish, crispy, wonton skin, wakame, garden salad with Yuzu soya dressing
Beef Tataki Salad: Sealed Porterhouse, thinly sliced on garden salad topped with creamy sesame sauce

Hot Dish Vegetables

Yasai Tempura: Deep fried assorted vegetables coated with light crispy batter
Agedashi Tofu: Deep fried Tofu with Dashi soy sauce
Grilled Corn: Grilled corn with soya buter & dry miso
Vegetable Korokke: Deep fried Japanese mashed potato cake
German Potato: Japanese style French fries
Kinoko Hoiru-yaki: Foil baked mixed mushrooms with ponzu butter sauce
Cauliflower Karaage: Japanese style bite size deep fried cauliflower
Tamago Yaki: Japanese egg omelette

Hot Dish Seafood

Crab Claw: Deep fried crumbled crab claw with tartar sauce
Yaki Hotate: Baked Japanese Scollop with creamy Miso sauce
Ebi Tempura: Deep fried tiger prawn coated with light crispy batter
Fried Kaki: Deep fried panko pacific oyster with Kushi sauce
Kaisen Harumaki: Seafood spring roll wrap with lettuces and mayo
Crab Cream Croquette: Japanese potato cake with creamy crab meat sauce topped with tartar sauce

Hot Dish Meat

Teriyaki chicken: Sauteed chicken thigh with sweet soya sauce
Gyu Tan no Shio Yaki: Grilled ox tongue with sea salt & sesame oil


Beer Promotion
1 Litre Asahi Bottle $14.90
1 Litre Orion Tap $16.90



Soft serve with waffle cone $2.80
Japanese Style Parfait $6.50
Sorbet set $7.50
Single Scoop Ice cream set $7.50
Waffle with Green Tea Soft Serve $7.50

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